A sea
Of green

blending art and science through the ocean’s gardens

Fine art prints, home decor, and jewelry featuring marine
plants from the Texas coast

wear the sea
Introducing Salt Botanics
carry a piece of the ocean with you with our new jewelry collaboration
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the process
In the Field
it all starts by getting my feet wet to find the perfect specimens
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the "together" collection
Inspired by spending time with loved ones and supporting each other, this new set of prints features mixes of marine algae species coexisting beautifully and coordinated into matching sets
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Upcoming events for 2021

See the schedule of where Green Sea Designs will be popping up this year!

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Along the Shore

The ocean's plants don't stop at the water line. I also showcase the beauty of coastal terrestrial plants, from the dunes back to the wetlands.

Under the Surface

I scour our bays, estuaries, and nearshore habitats for the best marine algae and seagrass specimens to press and preserve.